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by ProgressLEAD

ProgressLEAD stands for success and growth in project management.

- Do you believe PROGRESS needs good LEADERS?

What's happening

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We are in constant move at ProgressLEAD. From new assignments, extended projects and workshops to updates from our social responsibility projects. Find out what is happening here right now. 

How do you succeed as a leader?

Rob Waldron, CEO for Curriculum Associates has during the past 25 years scaled three organizations and has made his company within educational technology a front…

We are ready for a new season!

After a packed day that started with a run through of a new exciting offer by Jörgen Lindahl and Johan Carlsson, followed by a deep…

We Lead Progress

- And we know what it takes to be a good leader

We lead progress

ProgressLEAD is a front runner when it comes to project management, change management and business development. We make sure that the right leader is in the right place to satisfy your needs as the clients. At ProgressLEAD we lead progress, in all assignments we take on and with great commitment and drive.

Initiative, drive, success

Our keywords represent us and how we work very well. We showcase initiative and drive, a unique ambition and a high energy level. This leads to outstanding results that in the end turns to success, both for you and for us.

Best place to work

Something that characterizes ProgressLEAD is a common drive for wanting to grow as a leader, developing the company and running successful projects. We motivate and engage our employees to give their biggest effort in every project they are entrusted with.

Our Services

- Delivered with energy and dedication

We offer a wide range of services, adjusted and suitable so you can get exactly what you want and need. With great expertise, knowledge of the business and commitment for what we do, we offer services that truly delivers.  


Change is the only constant. To be successful one need to
 embrace change and drive transformation. Businesses
 and managers are frequently challenged to respond
 and act accordingly. There are no silver bullets.
Only experience and ability will overcome.

- Prestudy Management

- Project and Program Management

- Agile Project Management 

- Change Management


- Interim Management

- Project Portfolia Management

- IT Service Management


- Business Advisory Services 

- Business Intelligence Management

- Workshop Facilitation

- Employee Empowerment


With experience in IT, the public sector and business development, we have a project manager for every assignment.


With great joy, energy and dedication, we welcome new colleagues to us. We work together with Excellent Business Services to find the best candidates to join our team