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How ProgressPlan service works

Our approach combines advanced technology with expertise in portfolio, program, project and product management, as well as change management, delivering digital solutions to grow your business

Give your team a better experience, not just a tool

4 steps to get going


Curious to get to know a PPM-solution tailored to your business needs

Our solution experts will assess your current project portfolio management and learn about your future needs to give you a tailored recommendation together with a customized plan to support your business goals

Choose your solution & software that meet your needs
Kick-start within weeks


Kick-start with a pilot PPM-solution

Our Application Consultants will work closely with you to design and configure a pilot PPM-solution that is aligned with your business way-of-working. This is an opportunity for you and your colleagues to test the PPM-solution and get in-person experience from the tools powerful capabilities before deciding on a scale up and implementation activities


Scale-up with confidence

Our Configuration team support your business during a scale-up with user onboarding and user training aligned with your business roles and responsibilities. As well as seamless integration with your existing systems and operational processes

Roll-out with confidence
Realize the full value of your solution & adopt it


Successful transformation creates growth

Our partnership doesn’t end with final go-live of your PPM-solution. Our Application Consultants deliver in-house support to secure a successful user experience and alignment to business goals and ambitions 

Top 3 reasons for choosing ProgressPlan service

Our experts have wide experience in Portfolio Management and Strategy alignment from global players enabling guidance and support in a wide range of industries.  

Portfolio Management aligned to Strategy is  unique for your business and is always evolving, therefor we always recommend an adaptive solution to cater for changes in way-of-working and business ambitions, creating value over time.

As your partner we can support you during your journey embracing a PPM-solution as a full-service house, delivering both in depth PPM-solution knowledge, implementation project management and user support.

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