Du visar för närvarande Summary of Passion for Projects

Summary of Passion for Projects

We are grateful for time we spent together during two days at the Passion for Project Congress. Thank you PMI Sweden Chapter for fun, inspiring and well organized days in Gothenburg. You have been a great collaboration partner to us throughout the preparations and we are happy for being one of your Most Passionated Partners this year.

A big thank you to all of you who attended our Lecture with ProgressLEAD and Addends about “Leading change: Mindset Matters when Leading in Uncertainty” and our Workshops where we shared tools we love when Leading in Uncertainty.

And to quote one Workshop participant: – “Amazing how much a team of five with no previous relations could agree on about our Shared Dynamic Mindset in such a short time”.

Are you interested to learn more about the tools – reach out to Zofi Holgerson and we’re happy to inspire you further.