Du visar för närvarande ProgressLEAD in Stockholm

ProgressLEAD in Stockholm

The “Guiding Principles” workshop- a tool for leading in uncertainty- that we did in Stockholm went beyond expected!

Expectations were high and a waiting list was established days ahead. The room was crowded with happy people. We even had to get some extra chairs the same evening to seat our engaged participants! From the first minute there was laughter as everyone was interacting and building ducks of LEGO. We are amazed by the honest sharing of personal values during the group exercise and the #reflections and feedback from those who stayed to talk with us afterwards. The participants are what makes a great Workshop!

We are super excited about all the interesting new connections, inspiring new projects and new possibilities that emerged! Perhaps we even met some future colleagues? Thank you PMI Sweden Chapter and Marina M for the invitation to be part of this event, with both PMI members and externals. Thanks also to Jonas Lidman for a very interesting session about how to organize the agile way of working when you scale your organisation.

If you weren’t able to join last week, you’ll get the next opportunity 15 December in Malmö. See you there!

Get your tickets today ➝ https://www.pmi-se.org/Kalendarium/Welcome-to-Julmingel–the-Christmas-Mingle-in-Malmo__Malmo_2022-12-15