Make efficient decisions with modern project portfolio management solution

Project and portfolio managers spend countless hours making critical decisions that contribute to the success or failure of the business. In fact, a typical Fortune 500 company wastes more than 500,000 days a year on ineffective decision-making, losing billions. The future brings another challenge – decisions urgency in highly competitive, complex and fast changing landscape. 

Webinar on demand

In this webinar, Katarina and Andreas inspire you to say goodbye to risky gut-feelings, not-so-good old PowerPoints and Excel sheets and instead, leverage the power of latest technology for data-driven decision-making and efficient project portfolio management. 

They also demonstrate OnePlan, an award-winning strategic Project Portfolio Management solution.

Covered topics: 

  • How to close the gap between strategy and portfolio execution.   
  • Making better decisions with clear portfolio overview and transparency.
  • Choosing right projects in the right time with pipeline prioritisation. 
  • Achieving project success with modern project planning & management tool. 


Andreas Schuldt

Andreas Schuldt

Andreas is a Senior Project Manager, Strategy Advisor and CEO at ProgressLEAD. Contact Andreas or connect with him on LinkedIn.

Katarina Korenkova

Katarina worked as a Project Manager, Agile Leader & Solution Consultant at ProgressLEAD. 

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