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We Lead Progress

ProgressLEAD is a front runner when it comes to project management, change management and business development. We make sure that the right leader is in the right place to satisfy customers needs. At ProgressLEAD we lead progress, in all assignments we take on and with great commitment and drive.

We have leaders at all levels, from juniors who have lead one or more projects to experts working at the highest level. We have a suitable consultant for every assignment we take on, and frequently returning customers.

We have been established on the market since 2010 and have a number of DI Gasell awards. Working with some of the most prominent brands and companies in the industry has made us experts in the field. Since we are entrusted with assignments at a large scale, we continue to grow together with our customers.

Initiative, Drive, Success

Our keywords represent us and how we work. We bring initiative and drive, a unique ambition and a high energy level. This leads to outstanding results that in the end turns to success, both for customers and for us.

When you succeed, we succeed. We are driven by helping our customers run projects to achieve their business goals. To enable this, leaders with great expertise must be provided for planning of the work process, setting up the schedule, monitoring the schedule and executing the entire project together with the customer. When this is complete in a good and structured way, we have done our job right.

What distinguishes a true LEADER is the experience and abilities required to make people excel, grow and deliver. Specifically we focus on the ability to drive projects forward and deliver a significant result. All consultants at ProgressLEAD hold these key features.

Best place to work

Something that characterizes ProgressLEAD is a common drive for leadership excellence, developing the company and running successful projects. We motivate and engage our employees to give their best effort in each and every project.

To be successful, we know that collaboration and teamwork is essential, and it is very important that our employees feel comfortable. We want them to grow as individuals and together with us. When our consultants feel good, we know that they are performing at the highest level. At ProgressLEAD we work as a team and have a strong family band. We are investing a lot in the community and we want our consultants to thrive, have fun together and develop with us.

We have a goal at ProgressLEAD, and that is to be The Best Place to Work. To achieve this, we truly invest in our employees. We never forget they are the reason we are where we are today, and we will reach our goals tomorrow.