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A workshop with ProgressLEAD and LEGO® Serious Play®


ProgressLEAD works with guidance and facilitation to develop strategies, solve problems and then establish them in our client’s organizations. One of our facilitation methods is LEGO® Serious Play®, a method that is growing stronger and stronger in Sweden. The method is based on the concept of “serious play” and has proven to be incredibly efficient in order to solve complex problems and questions within organizations.

The method entails a workshop where all the participants get the exact same space to express themselves by building models in lego that answers questions posed by the facilitator. The strength in the method is its simplicity and playfulness and at the same time tackling communication and problem solving. By using your hands in a creative way whilst listening and thinking makes it much easier to take in the information, understand the question and the brain releases more capacity.

We now give you a unique insight in how a workshop with LEGO® Serious Play® and ProgressLEAD looks like!

Do you want to know more about the efficient method and how it can help your organization? Contact Björn Petersson or Mikael Nordbeck at ProgressLEAD, they would love to tell you more. Come build the future with us!

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