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TransportLEAD is ProgressLEADs new service area

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ProgressLEAD offers several service areas within Business and IT and now it is finally time for the first vertical area in the company: TransportLEAD. The new service area is 100 % focused on the transportation industry and will add a unique level of competence and position on the market.

The service area manager, Jon Holmström and his coworkers bring over 15 years of experience of contract management, project management and development within the transportation industry into TransportLEAD.  

– We will accelerate and increase the business for both TransportLEAD and ProgressLEAD, Jon says.

The new service area stands for consultation within IT for the transport sector and the biggest focus is optimization, efficiency and leadership. Leadership is the key factor that infuses all ProgressLEADs service areas and is the joint thread in the company.

– That fact ProgressLEAD now has joined forces with Jon and formed TransportLEAD is great and very exciting. We see a huge development in this, says Andreas Schüldt, CEO ProgressLEAD.

TransportLEAD has a unique competence and position on the market and will together with ProgressLEAD develop in a fast and sustainable way. The service area will make a mark in the transportation industry under Jon’s management.