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Initative and Drive, We lead Progress towards wanted Transformation.

Change is the only constant. To be successful one need to embrace change and drive transformation. Businesses and managers are frequently challenged to respond and act accordingly. There are no silver bullets. Only experience and ability will overcome.TransformationLEAD is the service area that collect the prominent services required for complex organizations to investigate, plan for and execute business change initiatives. The service area covers a number of detailed services including Pre-study Analysis, Project and Program Management, Agile Project Management, Project Portfolio Management and Change Management. We offer common service setups including tools and best practices, as well as running consultancy services. 

We provide the following services:

Pre-study Analysis is all important evaluating direction or collecting data for business change decisions. The time and cost efforts of a pre-study is typically a 10th of a full-scale project, the outcome drives guided and fact-based decisions, and a major part of produced material is normally inherited and further used in upcoming projects.

Project Management is the initializing, planning, execution and closure of business change initiatives. Typically, IT is part of such a change, but it should not be the driving factor. The project is driven from business needs, where understanding of culture, organization, processes and value streams are key.

Agile Project Management is the more flexible model, allowing a bigger degree of change of prerequisites and direction during the project. There are different frameworks that are adapted with experience and insights. SAFe and Scrum are two of the most common. 

Program Management is the structuring and steering of projects where there are dependencies related to the projects outcome. The projects need to be planned and executed with respect to this, and scoped project can also be executed repeatedly such as rolling out a new sales process on different markets.

Portfolio Management is the monitoring, controlling and prioritization of projects in order to maximize business benefits and optimize available resources. This is the administration done to provide business intelligence on all projects and relevant decision support data for top management.  

Change Management is the information and communication required for change on organizational and individual level. It contains strategies for sustainable change, including behavioral, learning and buy-in aspects.