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Change is the only contestant. Both individuals and organisations are constantly challenged, and you need experience, capacity and tenacity to succeed. 

TransformationLEAD is where we provide help with analysis, planning and execution in complex situations/corporations/organizations. We can assist you with feasability studies, program- and project managagment, Lean-Agile transformation initiatives, strategic portfolio analysis and execution, as well as change management. We can also provide you with consultants-for-hire. 

Our knowledgeable co-workers can assist you with:

  • Feasability studies, to discover and choose future direction
  • Projects, temporary endeavours to reach some (pre-defined) result
  • Programs, where several projects or initiatives converge on a common business-goal
  • Lean-Agile transformation, which can involve minor changes in regards to product/service delivery, people management, to major and complete organisational overhaul
  • Portfolio Management, where strategy meets reality, in both traditional and lean-agile ventures
  • Change Management, enabling change to procedures, processes and even culture on both an individual and organisational level 

- OperationsLEAD

We provide experienced and productive consultants who can help you, when you need it the most: 

  • Interim Management -  knowledgable managers to take on functional duties with little or minimal introduction
  • Administration and leadership of Project Portfolio Management
  • IT Service Management
  • Operative Management