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How do we succeed with the digital transformation?

Think outside the box, digital transformation, oxford economics

In a study performed by Oxford Economics that was done with 3000 leaders from companies of different sizes from 17 countries (Sweden being one of them), only three percent stood out. Why? They showed signs of being leaders within digital transformation as they fulfill four important criteria’s:

  1. Focus on real transformation
    The leaders work with changes that cover the entire organization and avoid the short-term changes. They see digitalization as an opportunity to find new business models.
  2. Improves the customer experience
    Customer experience is one of the keys to success within the digital transformation. The current leaders have connected their customer investments with internal business processes, suppliers and partners.
  3. Investing in new technology
    The leaders that stood out used Bimodal IT that separates how you handle the basic technology and the more advanced solutions that require faster development. By doing this, they can keep their basic functions along side of investing in big data, analyzes, AI and company mobility.
  4. Prioritizing the talents  
    With the digital transformation, the need for high competence increases and the leaders are going full front on recruitment and education. They are investing in increasing employee commitment by using new tools.

Do you recognize yourself as a leader here?