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Hand in Hand in collaboration with ProgressLEAD – ”What gets measured gets done”

Hand in Hand, book keeping, nembu

It might sound like an old cliché but its true right? By measuring something and getting essential information you can progress and reach your goals. This works for the biggest companies out there but the same principal works for smaller businesses to. Its important to know your market, keep an eye out for your competition and most importantly: to know your worth. Education plays a big part in this and ProgressLEAD are proud to be financing this project together with SwCG, Proceed, XBUS, ValiLEAD, Prospear IT and Sprinta in the village Nembu, Kenya.

About half of the villagers in Nembu dropped out of school at the age of 15, some were even younger than that. With finances from ProgressLEAD, they can finally get an education and start breaking out from poverty. As of right now, one third of the members in the project have taken a class in business development. They have been taught how to use their knowledge in the best feasible way to generate an income, how to set themselves apart from the competition and how to set the right price on their merchandise and services. Further on in their education, the members will learn how to handle finances and to keep their books in order. With the right set of tools, they will know how to handle their income and expenses and hopefully make a profit.

With fundings from ProgressLEAD and Hand in Hand, the members in the village can be further educated and have a brighter future as entrepreneurs and small business owners.

A voice from the village

Before the Hand in Hand training, 58-year old Rosemary Wanjiru used to sell second hand clothes at the market. Business was slow, and her income was slim.

Hand in Hand has taught me the basics about business and the finances it takes to be able to do business and pay back loans. It has had a positive impact on my company and I now have the money to buy better food and get a better standard of living, Rosemary says.

A contributing factor to Rosemary’s increased income is that she now has a banana farm. She plans on buying a booth at the local market and sell her bananas there. Since she has been given the tools it takes to run a company from Hand in Hand, Rosemary now manages both her second hand cloths and her banana farming.

Stay tuned to learn more about the success and progress of village!

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