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ProgressLEAD is educating in requirement management

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In collaboration with KravXperts, specialists in requirement management, ProgressLEAD is educating in both Sweden and internationally. The courses are mainly about requirement management and the key tools that are needed for companies to improve in the area.

The courses provided by KravXperts is different from other courses. The number of participants is limited to a maximum of six people, there is homework and it’s also a matter of the coaching approach. Educating this way makes it easier for the participants to listen and take in the material, but at the same time it’s very intense for the coach. Most often, an interesting mix of people, who work in various parts of the business participates. Joint training programs like this generates collaboration between co-workers who normally wouldn’t work together. The participants get a clear grasp of different criteria’s and models used for different types of projects.

Together with other coaches from KravXperts, Denise Vestin from ProgressLEAD, began to coach a global company for two consecutive months in Greece in 2016. Since then, they have continued to coach employees from Holland and Sweden.

The collaboration between KravXperts and ProgressLEAD will continue.