our Responsibility

We know the importance of giving back, helping others and supporting where you can. At the LEAD Family we are always involved in at least one Corporate Social Responsibility project at once. The last couple of years we have sponsored a self-help program in Kenya where people have been given education in business development, and planting trees in Zambia to compensate for some of our carbon dioxide emissions. Our focus now lays on supporting non-profit organizations and businesses in both Sweden and Afghanistan.

Together with the non-profit organization Hand in Hand, the LEAD Family has been a sponsor in a project in Nembu, a small village outside Nairobi, Kenya. We are incredibly proud to have been a part of the project that helps people get out of poverty by helping themselves and eventually becoming self-sufficient. The people in the village have gotten a unique opportunity to educate themselves and they have received funds that has helped them start businesses and become entrepreneurs. The project is primarily aimed at helping women since they often stay at home while the men work. Together with Hand in Hand, LEAD Family has helped to change this. Through business, economics and communication classes, the villagers have gotten important tools that will help them start and build their business and eventually provide for themselves.

Every six months we received reports with updates about what had happened in the village and what was to come. With great pleasure we followed the villagers and their success. We recommend everyone to get involved in Hand in Hand and to be a part of making the world a better place.

planting trees

We all have a responsibility for our environment but far from everyone does something to protect and keep it. Together with SMARTKLIMAT, we have planted trees in Zambia to compensate for some of our carbon dioxide emissions that comes from travelling.

SMARTKLIMATs vision is that everyone in Sweden will compensate for our climate within ten years and that all of Sweden will be climate positive by the year 2045. Let’s make this happen together!