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ProgressLEAD is compensating for our environment 

Certificate of proof, jambiz group is compensating for our environment together with smartklimat. miljökompenserar

ProgressLEAD, a part of JAMBIZ Group, finds it extremely important to think about our environment and to do what we can in order to compensate for the damage we cause our planet.  

We got in touch with a company called SMARTKLIMAT, that plants tress in countries that are severely affected by environmental damage. The trees create work opportunities for people and help clear the air so that the people who live in these affected areas can have a better environment to live in.  

We are very proud to have made the decision to compensate by planting trees and it is definitely not the last time we do this. The road to a sustainable business has only begun for ProgressLEAD and the entire JAMBIZ Group.  

Do you want to be kind to our environment? Contact SMARTKLIMAT today to learn more about their important projects around the world and see how your company can contribute.  

Watch the film about our compensation at our LinkedIn or Facebook.