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ProgressLEAD invests into a new horizontal service area

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AnalyticLEAD, as ProgressLEADs new focus area, is led by Jonas Linders and is positioned as a horizontal service area within ProgressLEAD. Analytics is the primus motor, driving force of digital transformation which most of ProgressLEAD clients are deeply engaged in. We help our clients by enabling foundations for finding patterns and drawing insight from very large volumes of data.

Why AnalyticLEAD? Since early 2010’s new technologies and techniques have been introduced non-stop – Cloud, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence to name a few – all the while social media, mobile units, and sensors generate data about ever increasing aspects of our behaviour and life.

For our clients this development offers tremendous opportunities. Analytics being the key in creating new insights that in return can be transformed into new and innovative business models, improved customer experience, communication and streamlined or completely automated processes and decisions. At the same time, realising the business value of digital transformation faces significant challenges. Especially challenging are leading and managing the complexity of change initiatives within Analytics, and ensuring compliance with continuously evolving laws, rules and regulations.

Leadership is the key factor that infuses all ProgressLEADs service areas and so also in AnalyticLEAD. AnalyticLEAD stands for deep domain expertise within Performance Management, data analyses, Artificial Intelligence and (robotic) process automation. We create unique value for our customers through:

  • Advisory – our long experience helps our customers to define a realistic road map for their journey, realization of business benefits and how to navigate the risk and avoid the pitfalls along the way.
  • Change management – ensuring that Analytics is incorporated into a standard, agile ways-of-working, and not left as an isolated initiative only.
  • Architectural leadership – puts Analytics in a technical and architectural context in order to utilize existing Business Intelligence (BI) – related investments in the best possible way, while ensuring that the ability to meet changed requirements and behaviors is in place.
  • For ProgressLEAD to take a decisive step into realms of Analytics, Big Data and Data Science, feels really stimulating and exciting! Jonas and I have, in varying ways, been involved in this business for many years, and we know why so many of these initiatives either fail completely or can’t fully deliver expected business benefits. We recognize a significant potential in helping our client with advisory, architectures, change leadership, and not least in finding a proper balance between agile methods and traditional project management, says Andreas Schüldt, CEO ProgressLEAD.

Service Area Director Jonas Linders has for more than 20 years worked within Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics. He has experience from various roles – architect, project manager, delivery manager, advisor – in assignments at several large clients. During the past 10 years Jonas has combined client assignments with managerial roles as Business Development manager, Solution Area manager, and Regional manager roles at the BI & Analytics solutions area suppliers Logica, Capgemini and CGI. During 2019 AnalyticLEAD will recruit several senior consultants, focus area in architecture. AnalyticLEAD has unique competencies to support our clients in their Analytics journey. Combining with competencies within ProgressLEAD and JAMBIZ, creates synergies that will lead to rapid growth of AnalyticLEAD, and under Jonas leadership will evolve into a company that makes a profound impact at ProgressLEAD and JAMBIZ clients.

Jonas Linders, AnalyticLEAD