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To create business value through analysis and to create right solutions for the purpose is not hard – but it is complex. Never before has data been more accessible. The increasing digitalization now provides us with access to data within three main areas:

  • Internal business information on productivity, efficiency and the remains of the regulatory requirements; for example, data based on internal processes.

  • Behavior and sentiments of other relevant individuals, groups or organizations; for example, based on social media data or clickstreams.

  • State and events in environments that affect the business; for example, based on sensors, RFID or cameras.

This development offers huge opportunities as Analytics is the key in creating new insights that in return can be transformed into new and innovative business models, improved customer experience, communication and streamlined or completely automated processes and decisions. In order to realize these opportunities, all domains of business must be considered:

  • What is the purpose and where does the value for the business come in? It can be related to better execution of strategies of profitable growth, to ensure the remains of the regulatory requirements, or to support the creation of new insights and innovation.

  • What is the state of the processes that will realize business value? Are the business processes digital and possible to integrate with Analytics, and how is the ownership and responsibility of this set up?

  • What is required from a technical platform? What are the appropriate architectures that can handle increased volumes, higher speeds, and what are the consequences of implementing on-site, cloud based or as hybrid?

  • What is the organizational competence and readiness? Is Analytics a part of the management’s agenda, are we innovative, collaborative, prone to development and do we have the ability to attract the right competencies?

Leadership is the key factor that infuses all ProgressLEADs service areas and so also in AnalyticLEAD. AnalyticLEAD stands for deep domain expertise within Performance Management, data analyses, Artificial Intelligence and (robotic) process automation. We create unique value for our customers through:

  • Advisory – our long experience helps our customers to define a realistic road map for their journey, realization of business benefits and how to navigate the risk and avoid the pitfalls along the way.

  • Change management – ensuring that Analytics is incorporated into a standard, agile ways-of-working, and not left as an isolated initiative only.

  • Architectural leadership – puts Analytics in a technical and architectural context in order to utilize existing Business Intelligence (BI) – related investments in the best possible way, while ensuring that the ability to meet changed requirements and behaviors is in place.

- DirectionLEAD

We provide services within:

  • Business Consulting
  • Business Intelligence Management
  • Employee Empowerment
  • Workshop Facilitation