This is ProgressLEAD

ProgressLEAD Scandinavian Management AB with offices in Malmö, Stockholm and Gothenburg have successfully delivered business critical projects and programs for our customers since we started more than ten years ago.

This is our Leaders of Progress

We are ProgressLEAD! Here you can find and connect with our leaders and experts who makes this company financially grow year after year while increasing our eNPS and other metrics. 


In 2009 ProgressLEAD was founded by Jörgen Lindahl and Mikael Fredman and in August 2010 the first employee was onboarded.  In the early years the business model was purely about delivering advice and resources in traditional project and program management. Over the years the number of consultants grew and with this also the turnover as new customers were utilizing our services.

Meet some of our fantastic leaders,
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A great mix of people and personalities with different backgrounds and strengths. With experience in IT, the public sector and business development, we have a project manager for every assignment. The feeling of being a team is important to us and together we help each other grow and progress. The common factors for all our leaders is a high level of energy, joy and a passion for what we do.

Andrew Hunter

Timmy Ljung

Anders Johansson