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7 Leadership trends for 2019 – Do you agree?

7 ledarskapstrender, 7 leadership trends for 2019, real leaders

Real Leaders have listed seven aspects for a leader to keep track of and relate to during 2019. Do you agree? Do you keep these in mind regarding your leadership or do you have other aspects to share with the group?

  1. Keep it simple – remove yourself from overly complex structures and focus on your core business
  2. Redesign your management style – clear directives and communication always wins the race
  3. Invest in human capital – support, feedback and team building motivates your employees
  4. Do less – lead more – guide your employees instead of doing the work for them
  5. Forget about 9-5 – flexible hours is the only way to work during 2019, on the other hand, the consulting industry has never been run by the traditional working hours
  6. Use the technology right – befriend it and use it
  7. Just do it! – to handle, assign, act and do results in learning